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Hello, I'm from South Korea. I was a design spectialist in Korea institute of design promotion. In the company, I have a lot of job experieces facing daily advancemet of new technology. The one of unforgetablble jobs in the company was to meet and provide many venture businesses with consultation about their product designs. Now I'm in the US to have more experiece about new technology that should be initiated and completed in industrial design perspective for the new best selling-product development.

A Robot With Coffee-Filled Balloons For Hands Is The Best Grabber Yet


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How to be creative

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The neo cube

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Unuseless inventions, Chindogu


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Powered Wheelchair Controlled with Voice using a LabVIEW Programmed on a Laptop

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Tongue Drive System2010

Tongue Drive System: A wireless tongue-operated assistive technology for people with severe disabilities. Continue reading

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Bugman the Gopal De Bugger! (In-O, Rohit, Ravi, Shweta)

In the year 2200 the Google codes started leaking from their power plant..

The leak was so widespread that all bugs from the code started to walking into the real world..

They killed Eclipse, Firebug , Visual studio and then came for women!!

These bugs grew 500 times their size..eating all women that came across trying to take over the world.
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