Costume Design Project: Simon, Lina, Richard, Hina

Instead of designing a superhero, our group (Simon, Lina, Richard, and Hina) decided to invent a supervillain and his sidekick/lackey. Our basic concept was an “academic supervillain,” named Doctor Professorman. Doc Prof has been denied tenure for forty years straight. Eventually, he went insane and began enslaving his graduate students. In the left picture you see his most recent thrall, bound by the throat with a leash. On the slave’s head is a cyborg implant that allows Doc Prof to speak directly through his student (he hasn’t opened his own mouth in decades).

In the right picture is the evil Doctor Professorman himself. He wears a really stupid, ugly sports jacket, because that’s what evil professors always wear. In a rage during a faculty meeting, Doc Prof tore out all his hair and, along with it, accidentally removed his own scalp and the cap of his skull. Now his brains are exposed, and he’s actually come to like it. Because of this injury, he no longer feels pain and he is immune to infection from surviving constant exposure to the elements/bacteria. Gross, dude.

Around Doc Prof’s eye is a cyborg monocle, used to instantly peer review any written documentation. When Doc Prof looks at a paper, one of the lights on the monocle blinks on to convey his instantaneous decision–green for accept, yellow for accept with revisions, and red for reject. The green and yellow lights haven’t flashed in many years. On his wrist, Doctor Professorman wears a watch that can stop time within the confines of any lecture hall. With this device, Doc Prof is able to keep his students from leaving a lecture for days on end. The period never ends, so they have to sit and listen to one of his thralls spew esoteric nonsense until they collapse from dehydration and exhaustion.

About Simon Ferrari

Developer relations guy at Indie Fund. Producer and adjunct professor in the NYU Game Center.
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