Search for your own INSPIRATION.

Inspiration sometimes (often?) gets lost along the way. I did a survey on “What Inspires you”  to make people think about the special spark of inspiration that motivates them and also share the inspiration and motivation of people around the globe.  This survey was taken by 30 people belonging to different professions.
Below are some key facts that I learned from this survey.
1. Almost 95% believe that INSPIRATION is required to achieve goals in life.
2. Out of all 65% define inspiration as a “driving force” and a “motivation factor”, 20%  believe that inspiration enables rethinking and  15% believe in spreading inspiration for good of others.
3. When I asked “What inspires you to live life at fullest”, the majority of people (70) replied “uncertainty of  life” and other 30%  said “their family and loved onces”.
4.  Demographics for Inspiration to stay healthy was 30% “long life”, 20%”family and loved ones” and rest of people want to stay heathy to have “full potential to achieve goals”
5. Inspiration for almost all men to look good is “girlfriend” :O and for women is “self confidence and self respect”
My special thanks to all those took the survey. I really enjoyed reading and coating the results and hope you all enjoyed this too 🙂

About Himani Manglani

Georgia Tech Alumnus
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