Creative Play #2: Tokido the Murderface

This is one of my favorite moments in competitive Street Fighter from 2010. At the SoCal Regionals, Tokido beat Clakey D handily. Just as in the classic match where Daigo baited Justin Wong into what the latter thought was a safe Chun ultra, only to watch Daigo parry every kick and transition straight into his own finisher, Tokido plans the end of this match perfectly (skip to the 2:00 mark if you hate fighting games). Once he executes his Raging Dragon, Tokido leaves his seat, stands before a projector, and lets the insignia on Akuma’s back be projected upon his own. In this moment, Tokido, considered a cheap player, becomes Akuma, long considered a cheap character choice. It’s just a perfect, creative moment of celebration and exaltation. I wrote about this clip for In Media Res last December.

About Simon Ferrari

Developer relations guy at Indie Fund. Producer and adjunct professor in the NYU Game Center.
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