‘Chase 2053’ – Concept Car

Many expert engineers have been trying hard for years to design a car that runs both on land and on air, believing that it could be a ‘zero pollution’ car. This long term research has led to the discovery of a vehicle named, “Chase 2053″.

Thomas Larsen Roed, designer of this concept car, has allowed plenty of time for this idea to get passed around amongst those who might make it a reality some day. The Chase 2053 is an attractive concept, no doubt. Roed envisions a vehicle that can’t be damaged, thanks to its construction from carbon nanotubes. If the construction isn’t any indicator, Roed envisions this from a purely science-fiction point of view. The vehicle also has sections of it created from fabric skin, which is a stretchable organic material. There’s a hydrogen-powered jet engine under the hood. The Chase 2053 is also capable of flying, or hovering to be more exact.

Some images of the design from the designer’s website:

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