Photo manipulation – art? inspiration?

Photo manipulation is one of the most common topics among Photoshop enthusiasts. It is the simple task of taking one or more pictures and representing them in ways unimaginable. Photo manip. is done by everybody, whether its children or photoshop experts. It ranges from the basic “twisting of the nose” changes to a picture to ideas unimaginable by the common man.

Now would you consider this art? Maybe, depending on how you define art. How about inspiration? Can we manipulate pictures to inspire people? If yes, is it ethical? While you ponder over these lines of thought, have a look at some beautiful photo manips. below. Who knows, they might even inspire you !

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These images are courtesy of these websites:
1. – article
2. Smashing magzine – article
3. – article

You might be wondering why I asked above, whether such awesome-ness is ethical or not. I asked this because of this article. It illuminates an interesting angle on this topic.

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