Creativity and Origami

Origami has been an art that has been practiced and loved by many people. It often raises a fundamental question:

“What is so interesting about folding a piece of paper?  Why are people from all backgrounds and all walks of life captivated by this ancient art?”

Often the answers are subjective, every body has his/her own reason to love origami, in my case I was always captivated by the curiosity to find “the most complex and interesting shape” that I could build using a paper. I am sure all of you who would have your own reasons too.

Some of the models that I loved to create in my childhood days were those of a walking dog, frog (one that actually hops and hoped particularly well if you used good plastic instead of paper), flapping bird, ball, etc. Of course not to forget the classic aeroplane that floated high in the air 🙂

Recently, I stumbled upon this interesting website that has several samples of some great and fairly complex origami models that one could build with detailed steps on how to do so. Pay a visit and make one when you get a chance:

Origami is often mistaken by many as joining/gluing together parts of neatly cut out paper, which is often a much more trivial (and non-interesting :P) way of building models out of paper. To me, the challenge and excitement in origami is because of the folding that reveals interesting shapes and creates endless possibilities 🙂

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