Creative Advertising – the Honda cog commercial

This commercial has been critically acclaimed and has won a lot of awards for its thinking and execution. This ad for the 2008 Honda Accord shows parts from the Accord falling onto each other so as to actually move the vehicle from its stand onto the floor. The basic idea behind this ad is the domino effect –

The commercial took almost 606 retakes and countless hours to make and is one of the most coolest car commercials on the market.

Trivia :

  • Filming was done over 4 days in a Paris studio, after a month of script approval, 2 months of concept drawings and 4 months of development and testing.
  • 2 hand assembled pre-production Honda Accord parts were used in the advert.
  • Everything in this video is real with no animations or digital tricks used.
  • The sequence where the tyres roll up the slope, was done by adding weights in each tyre, which when displaced caused the tyres to roll up to balance themselves.


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