Newspaper Structure

The first day of the class, we were asked to create a structure from newspaper big enough so that we could stand underneath it!

The first thing that came into our mind was a tree. I had doubts about how to make a 5+ feet tree from newspaper strong enough to stand on its own. But if you decide to make something, you do come up with ways to design it too.

So here goes the steps we went through to create this structure:

1. For the tree base (trunk) used 4 separate cylindrical shapes created from newspaper.

2. To make above mentioned cylinders, take 4, 3, 2, 2 sheets (cylinders in increasing order from base, eg for base cylinder take 4 sheets, for the one on top of it take 3 and so on)

3. Keep the diameter of the next level of cylinder a little less than its base, so as to fit inside.

4. To make cylinder, roll the sheets together breadthwise, and make hollow cylinder.

5. Stick together the ends with help of duct tape.

6. Assemble the cylinders (base 1 with max sheets will go at the base) by inserting the end of top base to bottom base and stick with help of duct tape. See the below figure for illustration:

Fig 1: Trunk assembly

7. To make the canopy for top of the tree (something like palm tree), take 10-15 sheets of paper (or more) and fold each lengthwise till its around 2 inches in width.

8. Take them together so that they make a star kind of figure and tape them at center.

See figure below:

Fig 2: Canopy

9. Put the canopy on top of the trunk created and hold it together with help of tape. And the tree structure is ready!

yeah, thats me under our tree structure 🙂

Note: We also put some stands at the base to give support to the tree.

Participants: Shruti Gupta, Abhinesh Rao

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