Dr Caffiene – He who keeps the heroes alert


Team (left to right) – Params, Hiral, Venkat, Aravind


When we started to brainstorm for the super hero, we assumed that if we just sat together and thought about it, we would eventually arrive at a super hero. Creativity, we thought was just the matter of thinking about it for a long time and getting the spark. In a matter of few minutes we realized that this random-wait-for-creative-spark was not going to get us anywhere. We needed to organize our thoughts towards our objective, in other words, restrict our search space for ideas.

Process – birth of Dr Caffiene

The main goal was to find a super hero. A super hero was one who helped others selflessly. With this definition we were able to think clearly on which of our random ideas worked best. As we looked around for sources of ideas, one of us found that we all had coffee in front of us. Once we got that spark, it was a matter of extending it in this context.

Adding artillery to the doctor

We cleared up the theme; the doctor was one who caffienated the other heroes who needed to do what they had to do. Now it was a matter of adding his weapons. Different forms of coffee was the first idea – a tall cup, espresso shot and injection were the final options.


Ideas flowed freely now that we had the ball rolling. Props were added – the lab coat, the coffee tank (hookah improvised) etc. Someone built a story around it – doctor caffiene produced coffee instead of blood. That evolved into coffee beans on the head instead of hair.


Time spent (approx)

If we plotted the time spent on each activity, this shows how hard it is to get the creative spark and how once we get that spark, everything else is a lot easier.

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