Japanese Drawing

This following video is similar to some of those videos we saw in class today . It might not be so spontaneous like the sand drawing but just see the final output and how everything comes together! And no slides its all done over the browser…


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One Response to Japanese Drawing

  1. That was really neat. I really liked the fact that so many people were involved and it was a group effort to make something really original. It seems that google is inspiring people to really push the limits of its software. This is evident in the recent Google Slam demo’s that I’ve seen lately. There seems to be a push to use different kinds of software to make animations on things that weren’t originally designed to make an animation, such as slideshow software. This example is a more extreme case because the browser was not even invented to present things to a group in this way really, whereas power point was.

    This idea is interesting also because there is an individual powering the animation. The person is deleting the tabs really quickly, and so there is still some manpower left that is generating what is largely considered a computational role (processing multiple inputs and presenting them in some fashion, like an animation program). So there is an experiential aspect to this artwork that would include actually hearing the buttons being pressed and seeing a change in the display that corresponds to the heard experience of quick presses.

    The audio (and for one person tactile) experience of this art demonstration reminds me of the benefits of watching Picasso’s live paintings versus watching a drawing be re-enacted through a digital program.

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