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Newspaper Structure

The first day of the class, we were asked to create a structure from newspaper big enough so that we could stand underneath it! The first thing that came into our mind was a tree. I had doubts about how … Continue reading

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AR Paparazzi

In the past months, Qualcomm hosted an augmented reality design competition to create the most engaging, innovative AR application. The winner was recently revealed to be Paparazzi, a short game where the user tries to snap uninvited shots of a … Continue reading

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Dr Caffiene – He who keeps the heroes alert

Team (left to right) – Params, Hiral, Venkat, Aravind Brainstorming When we started to brainstorm for the super hero, we assumed that if we just sat together and thought about it, we would eventually arrive at a super hero. Creativity, … Continue reading

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Interactive Application for Visualizing Dress Design A fun, interactive application that lets you visualize any drawing as a 3D garment. The designer uses Delaunay triangulation to build the visualization.

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visualizing wifi

Interesting video. They try to visualize the “Wi Fi” terrain…

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A talented illustrator and photographer, Ben Heine has put together an amazing ongoing project called ‘Pencil Vs Camera.’ His creative thinking combines both art and pictures portraying two different things within the same scene. Ben creates a strong perspective for … Continue reading

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I/O Brush

I/O Brush is a new drawing tool to explore colors, textures, and movements found in everyday materials by “picking up” and drawing with them. I/O Brush looks like a regular physical paintbrush but has a small video camera with lights … Continue reading

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