3/2 Design Thinking and Sketching

  • Goldschmidt, G.: 1991, The dialectics of sketching, Creativity Research Journal, Vol. 4, Nov. 2, pp. 123-143 dialectics.pdf
  • Schon, D. A, 1985, The Design Studio, RIBA, London. p 30-52 schon.pdf
  • Suwa, M. and Tversky, B.: 1997, What do architects and students perceive in their design sketches? A protocol analysis, Design Studies, 18(4), pp. 385-403 – direct link to science direct doi:10.1016/S0142-694X(97)00008-2 , a copy in ftp site pdf
  • Here is a piece about design knowledge from neuroscience’s perspective: Goel, V. (2000). Dissociation of Design Knowledge. In Knowing and learning to design: Cognitive perspectives in design education, Eds. C. Eastman & W. C. Newstetter. Elsevier.http://www.yorku.ca/vgoel/reprints/Goel_design.pdf
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