Super Hero Costume – Saint Seiya

Super Hero Costume – Saint Seiya

Libo Su, Rui Feng, Zichen Yuan


In the childhood, people have similar dreams: becoming a super hero. For example:

Though we cannot buy a new Volkswagen Passat, we can use technology to endue people with super power. As a result, we designed to use Saint Seiya, a famous Japanese comic strip as an example, coupling with Augmented Reality to let people become super hero.


  • Based on the image of Sagittarius Aiolos

  • Calculate the dimensions

  • Use Adobe Illustrator to finish 2D drawing

  • Use Laser-cutter to create the physical objects

  • Paint separate pieces into gold and assemble them

Technical part: AR

Marker --- 3d model --- Webcam --- Computer

For Augmented Reality part, we use FLARToolkit as the basic library and develop our programming in Flash Builder IDE. As for the 3d flame ball, we utilized a Flash 3d engine called Papervision3D to attached texture and finally render it.

Welcome our super hero

Oops, the flame ball just passed away when this photo was taken.

I will screen shot our flame ball later…


About Libo Su

HCI Master student at Georgia Tech
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