Superhero Costume Design – Binary Man

By Neha G & Tarun Y

For the Superhero Design Competition, we created a hero named Binary Man. The PowerPoint presentation embedded presents Binary Man’s story. The instructions below explain how we constructed the costume.

Binary Man

NOTE: The embedded slideshow does not have the transitions and animations – if you wish to view it as it was intended to, please click the button at the bottom-left of the embedded presentation app to view in full-screen.

Costume Contruction

The costume consists of the following major parts:

  1. Armor
    • Chest
    • Arms
    • Legs
  2. Cape
  3. Helmet
  4. Utility belt and gadgets.

Materials Used

  • Black instant noodle containers – 6
  • Plastic ties – 5
  • Black electrical tape
  • Black garbage bag – 1
  • Cardboard boxes – 4
  • Led flashlight – 1
  • White plastic milk jug – 1
  • LAN cable 3 metres – 1
  • Aluminium foil


Armor and cape

Armor with light

The armor was created using the noodle containers. Two of the smaller containers were used to make the shoulder plates and linked with the chest plates using 2 plastic ties.
The larger containers were attached to the chest plates using the black electrical tape. An additional tie was used to link the two shoulder plates behind the wearer’s neck.
The led flashlight was attached to the center of the chest armor using tape.

Arm and leg armor

The leg and arm armor was fashioned from cardboard boxes covered with a sheet of black plastic.



The cape was made using a black garbage bag and the tops of the bag were taped to the back of the shoulder plates.


Plastic milk jug

The helmet was made from a white, plastic milk jug. The top and bottom were cut off and the back was connected using using two white plastic ties. The plastic was then covered with aluminium foil. The resulting look is similar to that of the ancient Greek helmets (think 300)

Helmet - Front

Helmet - Back

Utility Belt

Belt gadgets

The utility belt was created by attaching gadgets to the wearer’s leather belt using tape. The box-like gadgets were created out of poster backing material(white) and the
coiled LAN cable was looped through the belt.


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