Newspaper Shelter

Newspaper is the best way to craft green and recycle!! So we under the guidance of Prof. Ellen Do crafted a shelter from newspapers…..

Final result!!

Excited to build one !! see the instructions below (pitfalls of the structure are also mentioned. So learn the lesson completely)..

Things You will Need..

  • 10-12 Newspaper sheets
  • Tape
  • Pair of Scissors


  • Roll the sheet of paper into a tightly wound tube to make a pillar.
  • Tape the free edges to make a log
  • Make four pillars of equal sizes

making of pillar…

  • To make the roof combine two sheets of papers and form a square.
  • Cut the root from center if you want to have a sunroof in your house and also to make the structure more stable.

making of roof…

  • Begin the foundation by placing the bottom part of paper logs (pillars) at one point on the surface and diverging them outwards while going towards the top.
  • Create the peak by cutting the paper log tubes to desired length.
  • Put tape on the top of pillars with sticky part outside to attach the roof
  • Attach roof on top of pillars

making of foundation..

Tips and Warnings

  • Make the pillars strong and roll the paper tightly
  • Make the roof as light as possible, because finally it has to rest on the pillars that are also formed by thin paper.

Piece of Art By:

Lina Alaoui, Richard Shemaka, Himani Manglani, Simon Ferrari


About Himani Manglani

Georgia Tech Alumnus
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