Tree-Inspired Newspaper Structure


Entire Structure

  • To construct a newspaper structure (see figure) which stands on the ground and can fully cover people from the top.

Things Required:

  1. 20 sheets of Newspaper (half a sheet of newspaper divided vertically).
  2. Tape
  3. Paper Cutter



  1. TUBES: Make the following tubes by rolling newspaper sheets length wise (each tube requires using different number of pages to create multiple levels of strength) :
    1. (1) Using 4 Sheets rolled length wise.Newspaper Tubes
    2. (1) Using 3 Sheets rolled length wise
    3. (2) Using 2 Sheets rolled length wise
    4. (4) Using 1 Sheet rolled length wise
    5. (2) Using 2 Sheet rolled diagonally.
  2. SQUARES:  Make 2 thick 3’’ x 3’’ square using 1/2 newspaper sheet for each rectangle and cut holes through the center.


  1. ‘TRUNK’:Trunk and Roots
    1. Insert the 3-sheet tube 2 inches inside 4-sheet tube and tape the joint.
    2. Similarly, insert the 2-sheet tube into 3-sheet tube.
    3. Insert another 2-sheet tube into the 2-sheet tube.


  2. ‘ROOTS’:Bend angle for Roots
    1. Tape one end of each 1-sheet tube to 1 of the squares to form a ‘+’ shape.
    2. Insert the square at the bottom of the trunk.
    3. Bend each of the 1 sheet tubes at 1/3 of its length into a 60 degree angle towards the trunk.
    4. Tape the free end of each bent 1-sheet tube to the trunk.


  3. ‘BRANCHES’:
    1. Cut a hole in the center of both diagonally rolled 2-sheet tubes.
    2. Insert the top of the main support (2 sheet end) through the holes of the extra long 2 sheet tubes.
    3. Situate the diagonally rolled 2-sheet tubes approximately 3 inches from the top.
    4. Tape the 2 sheet tubes in an ‘+’ shape.


  4. ‘CANOPY’:The Canopy
    1. Insert the top of the trunk through the hole in the 2nd square and tape the square to the top.
    2. Tape whole sheets of newspaper (4 in total) from each of the extremities of the branches to the square.


Nick Davis
Pramod Gupta

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